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Big picture planning and accessible tools to help organisations effectively implement their business growth and monitor and evaluate progress

Growth Strategy & Marketing Consultancy

We thrive on helping businesses turn into profitable companies through responsible growth planning and essential marketing support to achieve their goals. From market research and competitor analysis to product and service positioning, pricing strategies and promotion, our fresh business perspective supports established businesses and gets start-ups off the ground. 

"Deana’s had a significant influence on the success of Stoneham Bakehouse, helping me develop the business plan and build my confidence to enter the world of social entrepreneurship. Now Deana brings groups from her Employability courses to the Bakehouse to experience breadmaking and its therapeutic effect."
Simon Cobb, Director, Stoneham Bakehouse CIC

If your organisation would like to find out more about how to unleash their marketing potential and achieve sustainable growth, then get in touch.

Planning for Green Growth

Building sustainable business is integral to our Fresh Ambition ethos and to help drive this we are delighted to collaborate with the University of Brighton’s Green Growth Platform. This programme helps businesses to think, grow and excel and involves a unique pack of business support as well access to grants and skills development to drive green business success. These businesses can be part of the low carbon economy or be more traditional business with a green focus on using recyclables or promoting energy efficiency.

“Fresh Ambition have been on our Business Support Framework of consultants for 4 years, supporting a network of 1000 low carbon and environmental companies across Sussex with business planning and marketing strategy. The added bonus for us is that Deana thoroughly understands the knowledge exchange opportunities with the University and is an advocate for the Green Growth Platform.”
Lorraine Bell, Business Support Manager, Green Growth Platform, University of Brighton

If your organsiation offers green or low carbon prodicuts and services and /or would like to reduce their environmental impact, then get in touch.

Customer Intelligence

Our qualitative and quantitative customer insight takes the guess work out of customer service management. Our customer intelligence tools help our clients gather critical information from and about their customers in order to better understand behaviour at each stage of the customer journey.

"Delivering critical insights with clarity and integrity, Deana has been performed client satisfaction research and analysis for Certeco for 4 years. Her findings have helped shape this business technology change consultancy’s understanding of their clients’ experience at each step of the service journey."
Jan Jackson, Head of Marketing, Certeco

If your organsiation  would like to  find out more baout how to build deeper and more effective customer relationships, then get in touch.

89% of customers begin business with a competitor following a poor customer experience

Business Growth Networks

Business development networks are an effective way for business owners and managers to spark ideas for innovation, explore solutions to real business challenges and seek out opportunities for sustainable growth.

If you are a local authority looking to support and grow your local economy, a business owners network wishing to add value to membership or an educational establishment looking to forge closer relationships with the local business community,  then get in touch.