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Fresh Performance

Our Fresh Performance approach to growing, developing and motivating people aligns the personal with the professional to get the best results for everyone.

Mentoring for Growth

Through our mentoring for growth programme we deliver equal amounts of support and challenge to help ambitious business teams and individuals become more successful. Our mentoring programme is based on establishing a relationship of equality, openness and trust and above all it provides a secure and supportive environment for mentees to explore and develop their careers or businesses. Each session is specifically tailored and can be delivered one-to-one or one-to-many. Some of the key benefits our participants gain include:

  • A safe environment to try out new ideas and unpack issues
  • A source to stretch and challenge thinking
  • Support for ideas, critical reflection, sounding board 
  • Increase in self-awareness and understanding
  • Increase in confidence and self-esteem

Deana is a volunteer mentor on the government's New Enterprise Allowance scheme and is a SFEDI recognised mentor.    If you would like to find out more about how mentoring can help to move your ideas forward, then get in touch.

Leadership Training

Whilst leadership styles are very personal, there are core elements guaranteed to be present in a successful leader’s toolkit. Whether it’s honing your leadership skills, gaining knowledge and confidence to transition quickly or starting your first role as a team leader, Fresh Ambition’s training courses can help you to be more effective in your role.

Intelligent Leadership: The four keys to successful transformational leadership

Who will emerge as the next transformational leaders?  Our bets are on those who fine-tune their emotional intelligence and lead their teams with integrity and fairness to go the extra mile.

Our modular programme helps you develop the capabilities to clearly set out your vision, understand and motivate your teams and lead by example to help you create positive change, innovate and build a more productive and engaged team.

If you would like to find out more about how intelligent leadership training can help you transform your and your team’s performance, then get in touch.

Female Intrapreneurs Mean Business

The aim of the FIMB programme is to unlock talent and help develop high-performing, industry-wide female leaders. Throughout the modular course, we examine female leadership skills and behaviours that give organisations the competitive edge. The course develops the skills required by tomorrow’s successful businesswomen helping participants to:

  • Appreciate successful leadership behaviours and recognise personal style‚Ä®
  • Identify personal strengths and learn confidence- building techniques
  • Understand how to become a more effective decision maker
  • Understand the benefits of developing effective and relevant networks
  • Build the toolkit to develop their personal brand equity

This highly participative course can be tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and diverse culture with modular delivery and one-to-one follow-up.

If you would like to find out how to develop female leadership skills in your organisation, then get in touch.

Employability Training

We believe in the importance of supporting individuals to uncover their unique potential. Whether it’s about building confidence, identifying transferable skills, refreshing job search or interview techniques, we are dedicated to helping people secure and sustain employment or moving them closer to the workplace after a long gap or challenging personal circumstances. Our approach works to gently and respectfully get to the heart of the individual’s aspirations and delivers personal-centric support to those who want to make a change in their lives and their communities.

Currently Fresh Ambition are working in partnership with Work & Learning to deliver a series of employability workshops and courses through DWP to help people at different stages of their journey into employment.

"99% of respondents reported that they are more confident in their abilities to secure employment as a result of this programme"

45+ Your Experience Your job

This 5-day programme has been created for participants aged 45 plus, to help them get back into the work environment after a long gap. It celebrates the benefits of age and experience, recognising the combination of work skills, life skills and mature attitudes that are an excellent asset to any organisation.

The programme involves an intensive support package of workshops, engagement with local employers and one-to-one support, delivered over consecutive days to give participants the tools to get back into work swiftly. It supports participants to:

  • Recognise unique qualities and experience
  • Identify strengths and transferable skills
  • Develop tailored solutions to employability challenges
  • Update CVs, job search and brush up on interview techniques
  • Gain insights to recruitment practices through visiting local employers
  • Choose relevant workshops to up-skill

"This is the best employment course i've ever been on. the one to one sessions have helped me identify my skills and given me hope for the future"

If your organisation would like to find out more about building your communities by helping individuals and groups with their journey into employment, then get in touch.

"100% of respondents reported that they are more confident about their next steps toward work as a result of this programme"

Discover Yourself: Your life, Your experience, Your future

Our 8-day programme has been developed to deliver the structure and support for individuals to recognise their work potential and help them to move closer to gaining employment.

The programme involves a range of group activities in an environment of trust alongside one-to-one coaching to let people uncover skills, values and interests. There are also opportunities to make connections for work experience and to create ideas for future work. The programme supports participants to:

  • Break down fear factors, building confidence and self-esteem
  • Acknowledge skills and achievements and explore positive wellbeing
  • Create a personal plan with realistic goals
  • Meet and be inspired by the stories of successful business owners who have experienced mental health issues or other challenging obstacles.

“The course far exceeded expectation.  I was so scared of exposing myself to a group dynamic, but it's been fun and sensitive space to sit down and take the time to just have a look and take things at an easy pace.  Loved the bread making and art therapy and visiting speakers."

If your organisation would like to find out more about building your communities by helping individuals and groups with their journey into employment, then get in touch.

Entrepreneurship Training

To sustain a succesful economy we need to nurture conditions where growth can thrive, and innovation and creativity can drive new ways to improve the social and economic well-being. Fresh Ambition belives that graduates are central to growth and developing entrepreneurial graduates is essential to our future success.

We deliver workshops and training to both further education students and teachers to help develop enteprise skills and inspire entrepreneurship thinking.

The Entrepreneurial Student

Fresh Ambition deliver tailored workshops and one-to-one coaching to help students develop their enterprise skills and entrepreneurial thinking, polish business ideas and boost knowledge of self employment. Course content can cover:

  • Getting your numbers in shape
  • Ideas for generating new income streams

If your organisation would like to find out more about how to grow ‘The Entrepreneurial Student’ then get in touch.

The Entrepreneurial Teacher

Our work with teachers in further education settings aims to help students with the mindset and skills to come up with original ideas in response to identified needs.  We support teachers to provide guidance  to students to shape their aims and actions, utlising their enterprise skills to achieve their future dreams.

If your organisation would like to find out more about how to grow ‘The Entrepreneurial Teacher’, then get in touch.