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Who we are

At Fresh Ambition we bring passion with purpose to help build and grow innovative businesses

Fresh Ambition is an experienced business growth and training company. We drive sustainable development by helping organisations and individuals align the personal with the professional to achieve their ambitions. We bring fresh perspectives that deliver outstanding results.

deana-ward.jpgDeana Ward


My passion is to help businesses innovate and achieve their potential. Whether it’s about setting strategic goals, creating an enterprise culture or motivating a team’s performance, I take a hands-on approach to helping businesses and people thrive.

I have strong multi-sector credentials with excellent UK and worldwide experience ranging from managing an international mail order company based in Dubai to developing and franchising a leading business development network, Profitnet.

I’m a Green Growth Platform consultant, collaborating with the University of Brighton to help businesses sustainably plan, grow and excel. I have also achieved SFEDI accreditation as an enterprise mentor and bring expert skills to assure individuals reach their potential.

Through Fresh Ambition, we help organisations large and small to plan and generate growth whilst ensuring that the people involved have access to the skills, resources and inspiration they need to do a great job.

stephanie-connell.jpgStephanie Connell

Head of Learning & Development

I am an accomplished and versatile business educator and workshop facilitator with a passion for learning and growing businesses and people.

My expertise includes design and delivery of specialised professional development courses. I work across multiple business areas helping individuals and teams to evaluate their needs, identify gaps and opportunities and then build sustainable solutions to help them reach their goals.

I provide tailored teacher training initiatives to inform higher education in order to support students to thrive in their future careers and to encourage an enterprise culture.

With 16 years of international educational experience in the Middle East, Europe and Australia, an inclusive cross-cultural approach is key to my training style.  I currently lecture part time at the University of Sussex on postgraduate and undergraduate courses in English and Business and oversee learning and development at Fresh Ambition.